Harvest Time

Fall has officially arrived here in the valley – heralded by cool nights, people making excuses to wear scarves, apple cider in the front entrances of my grocery stores, mums lining the city porches, apple and cinnamon candles burning in every house and home, and pumpkin everything. Although I do indulge in some of these […]

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The Way to Humpback Rock

There’s a reason why folks rarely photograph the journey to an outlook, a peak, or summit. We wait to pull out the camera ’til the top because the way up is filled with horrible grunting faces, wincing, crawling on all fours, and flippin’ off the not-even-sweating children jumping down the trail while you’re laid out […]

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The Company You Keep

My family popped into town this past weekend to pay us a visit. We ate loads of food, drank too much beer (not my Ma; she’s a lady,) and simply took in the town, the sun, and each other’s company. I snapped a few pictures – I was too preoccupied for most of the weekend […]

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