Harvest Time

Fall has officially arrived here in the valley – heralded by cool nights, people making excuses to wear scarves, apple cider in the front entrances of my grocery stores, mums lining the city porches, apple and cinnamon candles burning in every house and home, and pumpkin everything. Although I do indulge in some of these […]

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Uncharted, Part One

OK, maybe not uncharted. But until now, E and I had never been to New England. So, taking advantage of this past holiday weekend, we amended this. We drove the car instead of the van – I know, lame – because of the predictable traffic to be had up the Eastern seaboard. Van no-likey-da-traffic. The […]

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Three States, Two Days

OK, it sounds far more thorough than it is – we did, technically, touch down tires in three states over a two day period, but that’s only because we went to visit Harper’s Ferry, WV. Which is not only at the confluence of the Shenandoah and Potomac Rivers, it is also at the crux of […]

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