My name is Shalan. I’m a writer, painter, photographer, audiophile, voracious traveler, book nerd, wife of a man named E, dog mom, adventurer, lover of oceans, mountain tamer, and Christmas light enthusiast. I swear frequently. I recently relocated to the Shenandoah Valley from the coast of Oregon by way of the Florida Keys. I drink coffee. I am not a perfectionist. I love horses and plants and really, really fat animals. I play the drums, badly. I cherish beautifully written memories of classic writers that knew how to live – but I prefer to make my own. And I’m accustomed to the rain, but I prefer the sun.

Traveling is a way of life for me. It is where I am at my most comfortable. But I’m also super lazy, afraid of cold water, not big on rock climbing, and generally a needy adventure companion. Feel free to send your apologies to my husband.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Shalan, I’m curious where your (our) name comes from. If you have any history on it I would love to hear it.



    1. I actually have no idea where it comes from! Isn’t that awful? There is a lake called “Chelan” – pronounced the same as “Shalan” – in Washington, but that’s the closest thing I’ve heard to a relation.



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