Harvest Time

DSC_6218DSC_6245DSC_6255DSC_6257Fall has officially arrived here in the valley – heralded by cool nights, people making excuses to wear scarves, apple cider in the front entrances of my grocery stores, mums lining the city porches, apple and cinnamon candles burning in every house and home, and pumpkin everything. Although I do indulge in some of these things that have taken the place of our harvest time, I started thinking this morning about what I love about this time of year. I, too, have always had an affinity for the season. Perhaps it hearkens to something in all of us that once was – a feeling of celebration that our toil and labor of Spring and Summer are over and now all there is left to do is bide through Winter and hope our stores hold.

As to what I enjoy most about this season – well, firstly, I do have to say that I must forego the argument of pumpkin spice vs. apples and cinnamon and instead opt for wood smoke as my favorite scent of Autumn. I prefer trick-or-treating to raucous Halloween parties, but when you’re as old as I am they don’t really let you do either. I love hearing my husband saying the autumnal leaves look like “Skittles” and telling me the leaves over on the Eastern Shore are being “lazy” for not changing quickly enough. And while I enjoy a sweet, pumpkin-y, toffee-laden coffee beverage from time to time – OK – lots of times – my Fall drink of choice  these days has been a Bloody Mary. I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s in memory of my bumper crop of tomatoes that fell before their time to the early October storms.

Photos from our van-camping trip to the Southern Virginia mountains a few weeks ago.

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