Uncharted, Part One

DSC_5782DSC_5787DSC_5792DSC_5805DSC_5794OK, maybe not uncharted. But until now, E and I had never been to New England. So, taking advantage of this past holiday weekend, we amended this. We drove the car instead of the van – I know, lame – because of the predictable traffic to be had up the Eastern seaboard. Van no-likey-da-traffic.

The first day we ate up lots of asphalt so we could wake up and already be in the mix. We slept in New Haven, Connecticut that night, and – can I say – I wasn’t too terribly impressed with the city? I mean, it’s sporting a pretty prestigious university, one would think it’d be a fairly nifty town, but no. I honestly preferred New London, a town a bit further up the coast. But next time I’d skip highway 1 and just opt for jumping on and off the interstate to the spots we want to go to. Highway 1 was super crowded – and, I know, it was Memorial Day weekend – but I got the impression that it was at least always a little congested. Lots of people, tiny road through quasi-picturesque neighborhoods = 2 hours to get 2 miles. Just sayin’.

We pretty much hightailed it to the coast of New Hampshire and Maine after that. The coastline is partially obscured by a slew of second homes, but what we saw of the beaches were lovely. We did a bit of city slumming in Portsmouth and Portland – both of which had excellent pint assortments I might add. Portsmouth was definitely the more crowded, more historic city with fancier buildings and bustling sidewalks – but, of course, E and I found solace in the subdued streets of Portland (the namesake of our oft-frequented West Coast counterpart.) With far less people roaming about, less historic and fancy buildings (due to four devastating fires which incidentally gave rise to Portland’s motto Resurgam or “I will rise again”) most people seemed to forego the port city, but not us. We like our towns that have a little bit of ash in their past.

to be continued…

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